Responsive Pardot Form iFrames using Seamless.js

Recently, I needed to embed a Pardot contact form on a website for a project that I’ve been working on. This proved to be a bit of a challenge as Pardot forms must be embedded using iFrames. iFrames are typically embedded using a fixed height, and while doing so I noticed that the height of a Pardot form can change depending on the screen size of your device. This results... [Read More]
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Developing a Telegram Bot with C# and the Metropolitan Museum of Art's API

I’ve been using Telegram more often recently to speak with friends, and after reading an article on Twitter bots I became inspired to try my hand at creating a Telegram bot. A few days later, I stumbled upon the Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection API, and suddenly I had a great idea - to make a simple bot which displays artworks from the Met’s collection! The Met has an impressive... [Read More]

Building a Browser-Based Music Synthesizer with React

Recently, I’ve been learning React in order to see how it compares with the ASP .NET that I write at work. As I enjoy working on projects that overlap with my interests (music production being a hobby), I decided to brush up on my TypeScript skills and learn React at the same time by building a browser-based music synthesizer called Zoltan (Github repo). The project is still in an early... [Read More]

Fundamentals of Computing with .NET

This Spring I had a programming mentorship through the F# Software Foundation with the talented Onur Gumus who showed me a number of functional programming concepts using F#. In addition, we also had a lesson on the fundamentals of computing in general, and I thought it might be helpful to share what I learned here. [Read More]
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Functional Programming with Python — Building a Simple Slot Machine

Recently I’ve been helping a friend with some Flask apps. Since this involves Python, as a way to brush up on my Python I decided to build a simple, single reel slot machine using a functional programming paradigm. You can view the full gist here, but I’ll also explain some of the logic used when developing from a functional perspective. When the program is run, the output looks like this:... [Read More]