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Mark-James McDougall

a professional with experience in the fields of Web and Software Development, Information Architecture, and UI/UX.

About me

I'm a Senior Web Developer at Maya HTT, a leading software developer and engineering solutions provider focused on CAE, CAD, CAM, and PLM. In my spare time, I enjoy working on open source projects, learning new things, and sharing what I've learned here on my website.

I've been fascinated by computers ever since I tried my grandfather's Macintosh IIsi when I was six years old. Starting at age 13, I began to use Linux and became comfortable with the command line. From there, I saw the huge potential for computing to create incredible experiences and bring people from across the world together.

At age 19, I launched my own web development and digital marketing agency which I ran for seven years. During my tenure, I developed and managed several websites which received in excess of a million pageviews. Throughout my career, I've worked with large multinational corporations, world-class higher educational institutions, and small ventures in order to develop innovative software and sustainable online presences.


I have a wide skillset which includes

Web Development

Adept at creating stylish, lightning-fast websites.

Full-Stack Development

Skilled at developing end-to-end solutions tailored to project needs.

Data Analytics

Proficient in setting up conversion tracking and creating stats dashboards for web Analytics.

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I've written a number of programming guides on my blog, and several of my articles have been featured on numerous tech news sites including Hacker News, Google Discover, and C# Digest.