Writing a broken link checker in Swift to analyze my bookmarks

Having spent the past few months devoting a significant amount of time learning to code with Apple’s Swift, I’m slowly becoming more and more confident in my abilities to implement ideas in code. Much like music production, the programming learning curve can be very steep at the start, but as you keep at it and take things day by day, you start to see real results. As I continue to... [Read More]

Making the Best of Physical Distancing

With Canada practicing aggressive physical distancing due to the ongoing pandemic, I’ve been finding myself with a lot of free time indoors lately which I’ve been devoting towards a few different personal projects. Just yesterday, I finished updating my iOS app CU Libraries to be compliant with the latest version of iOS 13. After the latest iOS update, I had noticed that the app UI wouldn’t properly render on devices... [Read More]
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New Website using Jekyll

After being inspired by a post on Hacker News, I finally decided to stop putting things off and setup my website. I’ve been meaning for a while to setup a simple professional site and blog but just haven’t had the time due to other commitments. Fortunately my schedule has freed up somewhat in the past several weeks and I’ve gotten around to setting things up just to my liking. [Read More]
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