Making a roguelike in C# using GoRogue and SadConsole (Part One)

After having completed several projects using Swift over the past four months (my latest and most ambitious being Linnstrument Helper, I started to look for other projects which would pique my interest and improve my coding skills. Earlier this week, I was speaking to my brother who is currently playing an aRPG known as Grim Dawn. I started thinking back to my old days of playing Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup... [Read More]

The Importance of a Good Monitor

Last year, I purchased a Macbook Pro and have been loving the experience (despite being a bit pricey!). The seamless integration between my iPhone, iPad, and MBP makes tasks such as recording a video, airdropping it, and then editing it within minutes is something that I’ve come to appreciate when I make recordings of my music jam sessions. However, I had been using the same 27” IPS HP monitor for... [Read More]
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Writing a Linnstrument Companion App with SwiftUI and AudioKit (Part 1)

After recently writing a broken link checker in Swift to analyze my browser bookmarks, I started thinking of another project which could both solve a practical problem as well as challenge myself by going a little outside of my coding comfort zone (the best way to learn!). Fortunately, I was able to combine my passion for programming with my other passion - music! Note: this is part one of the... [Read More]