Developing a Lightweight TUI Music Player in C# using Terminal.Gui (Part One)

Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of SomaFM internet radio streams while I work as they have a lot of terrific commercial-free programming. One day while being creatively inspired by the Sonic Universe station’s offerings, I had the idea of creating my own music player with support for streaming. Not only would this be a great project for continuing to learn C# and Dotnet Core, but it would also... [Read More]

Late Summer Updates

This has been my first week back after a two week vacation from work, and during that time I took some time away from computer related activities and pursue other interests. Summer is traditionally a time where I focus less on side projects and more on outdoor activities, and this summer was no exception. [Read More]
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Making a roguelike in C# using GoRogue and SadConsole (Part One)

After having completed several projects using Swift over the past four months (my latest and most ambitious being Linnstrument Helper, I started to look for other projects which would pique my interest and improve my coding skills. Earlier this week, I was speaking to my brother who is currently playing an aRPG known as Grim Dawn. I started thinking back to my old days of playing Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup... [Read More]