2020, A Year in Review

We’re now roughly two and a half weeks into 2021, and I’ve decided to take a moment to write a small article which looks back on 2020 and outlines my plans going ahead into 2021. Personally, I find that reflecting on past progress helps me shape future goals and learn from any mistakes that I may have made (which is just as important). [Read More]
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Error Handling in F# with Option Types — A Practical Example

As I continue to study functional programming with F#, I’ve been learning to handle things (such as thinking about state) in a different way than I would in an object oriented programming language. In keeping with my recent learning F# article series, I’ve decided to discuss another element of the learning process which had caused me some confusion over the past few days - namely error handling in F#. [Read More]
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On Transitioning from C# to F# — Rethinking State

In programming (or life for that matter!) shifting paradigms can be hard, requiring you to adopt a whole new mindset and way of doing things. Since I’ve only ever really worked with object oriented programming languages, starting to learn F# and its functional programming ways has been quite a shift. [Read More]
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Writing an iRacing SDK Implementation in F# (Part One)

In my previous post, I discussed how I’ve decided to learn F# in 2021 for a number of reasons. Around the same time, I also happened to setup my Sim Racing rig so that I could continue to play iRacing with my VR headset (HTC Vive). Its been several years since I’ve last played, but with COVID-related curfews being implemented here in Montreal tomorrow, I’ve been increasingly taking up home-based... [Read More]

Why I'm Learning F# in 2021

For the past while, I’ve had the goal of learning a functional programming language in the back of my mind but never acted on it for various reasons. However, during a recent weekend afternoon of winter COVID-lockdown web browsing, I stumbled across the terrific F# for fun and profit which piqued my interest and convinced me to take the plunge and learn FP in 2021. I believe that learning different... [Read More]