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Linnstrument Helper is an open source Mac OS app I developed to help people learn the Linnstrument layout quickly and efficiently. Just like a bass guitar, the Linnstrument uses all fourths tuning. If you’d like to help contribute to the project, please take a look at the issues page.

For the curious, here’s my build log for the project.


  • Polyphonic sound engine.
  • Displays note velocities, names, and locations on the Linnstrument (up to four notes max currently).
  • Resizable grid elements.
  • Compatible with both the full-size Linnstrument and Linnstrument 128 (USB MIDI).

System Requirements

  • Mac OS Catalina (10.15)

Installation Instructions

  • Download and extract.
  • Connect your Linnstrument to your computer and power it on (you can alternatively power it on with the app running).
  • Set the octave to be in the middle.
  • Run Linnstrument Helper and have fun!


Linnstrument helper app