My name is Mark-James McDougall, and I’m a Web Developer from Montreal, Canada. I work as a Webmaster at McGill University (BA’15) and have experience with a range of technologies including:

  • Javascript (ES6, Nodejs), HTML, & CSS
  • Swift/SwiftUI (iOS, MacOS)
  • CMSes (Drupal, Adobe AEM, Wordpress, iModules)
  • Devops (Azure, Github)
  • Google Analytics

To see some of the neat stuff I’m working on, check out my projects page.

If ever you need professional help with a project, I offer consulting for a range of services. Don’t hesitate to contact me to inquire about my availabilities and rates.

Fun fact

I’m passionate about music and release tracks under the name Zhund. My favorite instrument is the Linnstrument, an expressive MIDI controller created by the legendary Roger Linn. Here’s a clip of me playing some improv jazz on Linnstrument: